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The value is: €149 until June 30th.


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  • Full directory access
  • Main categories market reports
  • Limited engagement data


Access all engagement data.
149 Valid until June 30th 2023
  • Full directory access
  • Full engagement data
  • Unlimited market reports
  • Links to Communities Social Media
  • Create lists

BETA Plan includes

Full Access to the Interactive Market Dashboard

Combine all continents and 187 countries with 24 categories to generate over 4500 automatic reports. Each report includes the amount fo communities per country/city, the total FB Page, PB Groups & TW audiences, the distribution of the top 125 trending tags of interests, a benchmarking of the top 300 communities by online VS offline engagement.

Global Directory

Access over 270k communities ranked by online, offline and global engagement. Communities can be filtered by 24 macrocategories, 6800 tags, 187 countries, 1500 cities and several social media platforms such as FB groups FB pages, Instagram, Twitter, Meetup, Discord, Slack and more. Its also possible to build lists of your favourite communities.

Reports & Surveys

We will release annual market reports that combine our data with custom made surveys to analyze the state of the art of the community sector. We will also produce regularly report on specific markets and segments that will be fully accessible under any subscription.

Access to all Community Profiles

On each community profile it will be possible to access their size, description, location, online/offline/global ranking at a local, national and global level, number of events in the past 24 months, AVG events per month, AVG n° of participants per event, % of online VS offline events and % of free VS paid events, Online Audience size for FB Page, FB groups and twitter. The profile also includes LINKS to the pages of the community so to be able to get in touch with them.