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Communities in UK chart

[CHART] Meetup Communities in UK – Overview

«The maxim of the British people is “Business as usual.”» said Winston Churchill. But is that real? Let’s find out the main categories and the distribution of communities in UK! Tech but also Career & Business More than 200 cities and towns, but London, with its almost 9 milion people, holds 56% of Meetups communities […]

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[CHART] Asian Communities main topic

  Which one are the main Asian Communities main topics?   Less health, more sports   The general distribution of the topics is excellent, even better than the European one (albeit slightly) and second only to North America and Oceania. The interesting thing is the order of the topics that are covered. At the top, […]

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[CHART] African Communities main topic

  We gathered together all African Communities main topic. Here’s the results!   The tech communities continent   The most evident thing is the preponderance of technological communities. This happens not because Africa is particularly technologically advanced, but because it is a continent where communities are emerging and being created. The first communities to be […]

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