[CHART] Meetup Communities in UK – Overview

[CHART] Meetup Communities in UK – Overview

Communities in UK chart

«The maxim of the British people is “Business as usual.”» said Winston Churchill. But is that real? Let’s find out the main categories and the distribution of communities in UK!

Tech but also Career & Business

More than 200 cities and towns, but London, with its almost 9 milion people, holds 56% of Meetups communities in UK. We see a higher concentration in the southern part of the Country while, in Scotland, Edinburgh and Hamilton pop out with 357 and 326 communities. Very different compared to Italy’s communities!

British are very techie (19%), but also true entrepreneurs! Career & Business is, in fact, the 2nd category in UK and communities care about Professional Networking, Business Strategy and Professional Development. Also, despite being just a 4.7%, some of the biggest Meetup communities in UK belong to Outdoors & Adventure. They really like travel and hiking!

Another relevant note has to be done: British are very active. They hold a lot of events and their average event participants is one of the highest in Europe!

Did you know?

With 17.559 communities, UK is the largest market for meetup communities! It almost have twice as many communities as the second (Germany).

Where does this data comes from?

Those results are the synthesis of tracing more than 17.500 communities in the United Kingdom, active on Meetup as well as Facebook groups, Fb Pages, Twitter and other platforms,
The data is gathered through The Community Atlas, the worlds largest database of communities.

We considered a total of 24 topic categories.  All the topics that occurred on less than 1.5% of the total were collected under the heading “Other”.

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