[CHART] Meetup Communities in Italy – Overview

[CHART] Meetup Communities in Italy – Overview

Communities in Italy chart

What communities in Italy do? Let’s take an overview on the main categories and the distribution of communities in this Country!

Movements and Tech for the win 

In Italy there are more than 1.700 communities on Meetup, spread all over the Country. 

It’s clear, looking at the map above, that two cities stand out: Milan and Rome. They have, in fact, the 40% of the total with, respectively, 494 and 233 communities.

As we can see in the pie chart, almost 30% of communities are Tech; this is very consistent with the distribution of Meetup Communities in Europe. More than 500 communities are about Web Development, New Technologies, Computer Programming but also Big Data, Cloud Computing and Data Analytics!

Another big category, that holds 29% of Italian communities, is Movements: here we find a lot of Local Politics and enviroment issues like Renewable Energy, Ecology, Green Living and Alternative Energy. In this category there’s also a lot of Social Activism, Social Equality, Active Citizenship and Information-Freedom.

Did you know?

In terms of adoption, Italy is the 8th largest country for Meetup use in Europe.

Where does this data comes from?

Those results are the synthesis of tracing more than 1.700 communities in Italy, active on Meetup as well as Facebook groups, Fb Pages, Twitter and other platforms,
The data is gathered through The Community Atlas, the worlds largest database of communities.

We considered a total of 24 topic categories.  All the topics that occurred on less than 1.5% of the total were collected under the heading “Other”.

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