[CHART] African Communities main topic

[CHART] African Communities main topic


We gathered together all African Communities main topic. Here’s the results!


The tech communities continent


The most evident thing is the preponderance of technological communities. This happens not because Africa is particularly technologically advanced, but because it is a continent where communities are emerging and being created. The first communities to be born are always technological, driven by the Google Developer Groups and the StartupGrinds, which operate in almost all countries.

This means that Africa is further behind than other nations. However, it is showing excellent signs of growth, with communities with over 1500 members in 15 countries.

The first 4 categories cover 80% of the total communities, making the African distribution the most unbalanced. Only 10 types exceed 1.5% (against 14 of the world average).


NOTE: How did we calculated African communities main topic:


Those results are the synthesis of tracing more than 1.500 communities in all African countries, and analyzing the topic they declare as their main. We considered a total of 24 topic categories.  All the topics that occurred on less than 1.5% of the total were collected under the heading “Others”.



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