[CHART] Global Communities main topic

[CHART] Global Communities main topic


If we gather together all global Communities main topic, what do we get?


More distributed than specific Continents


Global communities main topic distribution has the highest “Others” category of any single continent. It means that the differences between continents tend to lessen when all the data is collected together. Obviously there are preferred topics, but the distribution is different from that of Pareto (80-20). In fact, 11 categories (more than 45% of the total) are needed to cover 80% of global communities.

Top 5 global categories are the same in almost all the single continents and all together they cover almost 60% of total communities.


NOTE: How did we calculated global communities main topic:


Those results are the synthesis of tracing more than 270.000 communities in 187 countries, and analyzing the topic they declare as their main. We considered a total of 24 topic categories.  All the topics that occurred on less than 1.5% of the total were collected under the heading “Others”.



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