Top 10 largest Tech communities in the world

Top 10 largest Tech communities in the world

top 10 largest tech communities in the world


Which are the top 10 largest Tech communities in the world? Find this easily on TheCommunityAtlas, and much more!

What is a tech community? It’s a group of people united by the aim of improving all the technological aspects of life. From developing new technologies to creating new IT jobs. From the study of specific technologies, languages or operating systems, to the development of products, software and digital entertainment. These communities are great for finding people or teams who are competent and passionate about specific technologies. They are able to solve complex problems through collective work, as well as to provide valid judgments on products. They are also able to promote new IT technologies or services. The majority of the largest tech communities in the world belongs to the U.S. but there are huge tech communities in all countries.


Top 10 largest tech communities in the world


1. NY Tech Alliance

Members: 61.200+

New York is by large the most represented city in this classification. The NY Tech Alliance is a non-profit organization that holds monthly meetups  in New York City, and features live demos from New York tech companies.  Their mission is to “represent, inspire, support, and help lead the New York technology community and ecosystem to create a better future for all“. This community is the largest Meetup in the world.

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Members: 26.900+

The DC Tech Meetup is big community with the aim of helping technologists, entrepreneurs, investors learn and share. In their meetings “400+ innovators gather to see demos, launch products and meet their future co-founders, partners and funders“.

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3. NYC NoSQL & NewSQL Group

Members: 26.000+

The NYC NoSQL & NewSQL Group is the world’s largest community dedicated to databases. They regularly meet to change the wold through data: “Data is at the center of our technological revolution: acquiring it, accessing it, searching it, analyzing it, and securing it.” They host the Database Month festival, completely dedicated to the data handling tech, with great speakers and products. And they provide free tech education and assistance on beginning IT careers to at- risk youth, through their non profit organization.

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4. Boston New Technology

Members: 20.600+

The mission of the Boston New Technology is to help local business and startups launch and grow. This community is not just a tech, but also a business and startup community. BNT is a “place for entrepreneurs, investors, coders, designers, business-developers, marketers, technology enthusiasts and other professionals to connect at live events, be inspired and educated, share amazing opportunities, collaborate, launch and learn about new product ventures, form partnerships and grow businesses!” they  host a stunning number of free and not-for-profit events, including startup showcases, pitches, technologies overviews, and networking.

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5. Data Driven NYC

Members: 18.900+

Data Driven NYC is a community of tech enthusiasts who are passionate about Big Data, machine learning and AI, data science and data-driven products and businesses.

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Members: 18.600+

This community hosts tech talks at Google’s NYC offices. Topics range from information retrieval, to user interfaces, to programming languages, and computer security. Discussions though do not revolve only on technology, but also on best practices for quality engineering, automation and engineering productivity, or even on business topics that are highly relevant to software engineers (e.g. entrepreneurship, future of publishing, social capitalism, etc).

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Members: 16.600+

The first non – U.S. community is also the biggest European tech community. They host a monthly meetup to showcase new technology from all around the world, followed by networking. The aim is to promote new technologies to the tech-interested public, as well as potential clients, employees and investors. Finally, to provide inspiration and networking opportunities to those who want to find their passion and pursue what they love.

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8. Designers + Geeks

Members: 16.400+

Designers + Geeks is a San Francisco community based on, well, bringing designers and geeks together. The aim is to business, networking and knowledge sharing.

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Members: 16.400+

Another non US community is the STHLM TECH Meetup. Which is the largest monthly startup event in Europe. “Each month since Jan 2013, every geek, hacker, entrepreneur, investor, and designer around Stockholm comes together under one roof. Each meetup thay bring special guests speakers and investors on stage to educate, and showcase 3 pitching startups”.

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Members: 15.800+

Data Scientists in San Francisco and the Bay Area are doing incredible data science: making graph models of symptoms and human disease, extracting insight from huge amounts of data in real time, and building tools to make this whole process easier. The SF Data Science Meetup is a community organized forum to showcase this ongoing work, to spread knowledge and help the data science community level up.

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