10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Communities For Marketing Strategies

10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Communities For Marketing Strategies

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A Community is a group of people with diverse characteristics who are linked by a common passion, perspective or social ties, and engage in joint action in geographical locations or settings. Communities may be online or offline, huge and diffuse, or niche and tightly connected. Here are 10 reasons why you should absolutely consider communities for Marketing Strategies.


1. They are always well targeted


You can reach a targeted audience based on where Communities are located. Or based on what people are passionate about and their interests.  Even when they are in the midst of events. You can involve Communities in target with your marketing goal to find people (community members) passionate about specific stuff you are searching for.


2. They are always leaded by someone you can contact


It’s easy to connect with all group members of a Community because you can directly talk with the group leader. Every community has a person who works together with everyone in the community to facilitate the dialogue. Communities, in fact, work as a close-knit team, in which everyone does their part. But there is always a guide who inspires and mobilizes others.


3. They communicate with each other frequently and easily


Communities use different tools to communicate with their members or connect with others. Instant messaging, forums, social media, private groups, websites, message boards, virtual worlds are just some of the most common communication channels used by communities to engage people and stay connected. They are always active and ready to discuss specific subject matters, to network, interact and work together.


4. They will make marketing for what they like


You can generate a continuous flow of ideas for your business from the grassroots through the involvement of Communities. They can help companies to find new products, features and new marketing models because they are not just passive listeners. The reward will be an intense customer loyalty.


5. They act as influencers and micro influencers


Communities have a fundamental and strategic role in forging deep emotional ties. Community members are strictly linked to a specific passion and they can act as influencers both inside and outside the community. If a community decides to promote an idea, it will promote the message using all its communication channels, online and offline. In addition, every community member can involve their followers and help spread the word also on their personal channels.


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6. They meet and make events, involving more people


This is another great reason why you should consider communities for marketing strategies. They are the best place to find out what kind of events are happening around you. But even around the world, both online and offline. People are always interconnected with each other and the benefits to interact with them are plenty!


7. They can be measured, both from results they get and from their data


It’s easy to measure the Return of Investment (ROI) of a Community. There are different ways to quantify the community value within the goals of your marketing team such as events, contents or campaigns, referral codes within ambassador programs, branded hashtags and more. You can analyze how many community members attended an event, participated in a campaign or in a program. Or how many just interacted with your content or helped you raise awareness within their social networks. There are many marketing tools capable of tracking the data you need to measure your ROI.


8. They range from local to worldwide, with equal efficiency


Their ubiquity is another reason why you should consider communities for marketing strategies. You can connect with people and communities from all over the world: from local to a global perspective. Keep in mind that also a local community can impact on a global scale.


9. You can partner with them, not just hire them


It’s easy to involve Communities in a collaborative partnership. You can work closely with community members, engaging them, developing goals and implementation strategies together, and involving them in co-marketing activities, initiatives, events, processes and so on.


10. They interact in lot of social media, private groups and forum


Each community is different and uses different channels, platforms or tools to communicate with their members or with the public. If they have a social audience, they will allow you to reach a wider audience in a short space of time. This means you can use them to grow your audience. They can be a new effective and efficient communication and marketing channel for your company.

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